Resident Services 0.9.0

Release Name: Resident Services

Release version: v0.9.0

Support: 0.9.0

Release Date: 30th May, 2024


This release is the 0.9.0 release of Resident Services, offering valuable insights into the range of features and functionality available. Resident Services is designed to run on version of MOSIP platform. Resident Services are the self-services which are used by the residents themselves via a portal. Resident Portal is a web-based UI application that provides residents of a country the services related to their Unique Identification Number (UIN). The residents can perform various operations related to their UIN/ VID and can also raise concerns if any through the portal.

The key features provided on the Resident portal are:

  1. Avail UIN services using UIN/ VID (through eSignet):

    • View My History

    • Manage My VID

    • Secure My ID

    • Track My Requests

    • Get Personalised Card

    • Share My Data

    • Update My Data

    • Login and Logout

  2. Get Information

    1. Get the list of Registration Centres

    2. Get the list of Supporting Documents

  3. Get My UIN (using UIN/ VID/ AID)

  4. Verify email ID and/ or phone number

  5. Book an appointment for new enrolment (via the pre-registration portal)

  6. Ancillary features

    • Multi-lingual support

    • Get Notifications (email and bell notifications)

    • View profile details of the logged in user (name, photo, and last login details)

    • Responsive UI support

For a quick overview of the design principles and to understand the relationship of Resident Services with other services, read Resident Services Overview.

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For detailed description of Resident services, the code and design, refer to resident services repo.

Resident Portal UI

MOSIP provides a reference implementation of the Resident portal that can be customized as per the country’s needs. The sample implementation is available here.

Known Issues

Complete List

To get the complete list of known bugs click here.

Key Issues

Mentioned below is the list of other 'key known issues'.

JIRA IssuesIssue Description

If the name is of only 3 letters, the downloaded card fails to open.

On uploading invalid document and viewing it, the data that was entered is not persistent.

When one data update request is processed and another one is about to be initiated, in the pop-up if we cancel the update request, an error with β€œno record found” is seen.

If the same name as the existing one is entered in the β€œNew name” field, no error is thrown.

On clicking β€œSubmit” button multiple times, multiple eventIds are getting created.

If the name field is lengthy, the downloaded card does not show the entire name entered.

On updating data, the page sometimes need to be refreshed to view the update.

VC verification is failing for name, photo, and full address.

To enter text before sharing data with the partner, one has to click on text field twice.

To enter text in grievance redressal form, one has to click on text field twice.

On downloading Personalised UIN card, email/ SMS notifications are not being sent in preferred language.


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