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Release Date: 3rd May 2024

We're excited to announce a significant enhancement geared towards refining the authentication process within our system. This improvement targets the seamless resolution of UIN / VID-related errors encountered by users during authentication attempts. This release also includes a fix of a critical bug related to ID Authentication.

Major Areas of Work

  • ID Authentication

New feature:

  • Authentication Error Eventing: Users registered with a valid UIN / VID can proceed with authentication seamlessly. In cases where an error arises due to the unavailability of UIN / VID during authentication, application prompts a message to retry after a few minutes. Simultaneously, the Kafka event will be triggered to publish the data to the topic, and subscribers will receive a message for subsequent processing. You can refer here for further information.

    Note: This feature will exclusively be accessible in ID Authentication version Users are required to set up this latest version on their existing platform version 1.2.0.x.

Bug fix

  • During the authentication process, if the authStatus is false, the authToken should not be shared. However, there was an issue where the system was sending the authToken value even when the authStatus was false. This issue has been addressed and fixed. Now, when the authStatus is false, the authToken will no longer be shared. #MOSIP-30293.

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